Thursday, 3 August 2017

First apple harvest

Stormy weather and apples looking like they will be windfalls soon, so I picked the harvest off my James Grieve tree.

Seventeen good apples this year. Apple crumble tonight with the four that have small blemishes and the rest into store, wrapped in paper towels and contained in a paper carrier bag. They are in the summer house assuming it's not going to be very hot any more!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Seed collected from plants, sown on 10th July, pricked out and potted up today.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Garlic harvests - first courgette

The elephant garlic was ready in mid June so I harvested my 4 bulbs. All good. They are hanging up to cure in the old greenhouse.

The two garlic cloves planted last winter solstice grew well and looked ready to harvest on June 30th. Each had a good firm bulb but they were less than an inch across. Maybe it's not a good variety for my conditions. Still they are curing with the elephant garlic now and will be used in the kitchen. The scapes have been saved for use in the kitchen too.

I might try another variety next winter.

First courgette was picked today, good size from Verde d'Italia in the bed.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

First tomatoes

I ate two tomatoes from the garden with my lunch today. Both came from Rapunzels. One from the outdoor bed and one from the growhouse.

Rapunzels look much weaker plants than my others but they are maturing tomatoes much earlier. Gardeners Delight has some green ones, Principe B has a green one or two. Costa F is a really strong looking plant but has only just flowered so no sign of tomatoes yet.

Will I beat the blight this year?

Saturday, 15 April 2017


A change of tack this year. Not satisfied with the return from pots or bags of potatoes, I decided to put some in the ground. I'm using the patch near the greenhouse where the remnants of the haybale and a mess of roots are slowly rotting away. Ten Nicola seed potatoes have been planted here. They will not get much attention. I'll be interested to see what I get.

I bought some summer bulbs today as well. Two lilies, eight gladioli and some liatris. The lilies will go in a pot. The others into the pink garden behind the frog. I'm trying to fill it out a bit.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Carrots away.

The tomatoes and lettuce have germinated in the conservatory; the leeks and onions are spending their day out in the sun. I sowed two potfuls of Gigante Flakee 2 carrots today. I mixed 50/50 fresh sieved garden compost and last year's spent compost with some blood, fish and bone to add a bit of go. A good sunny day with brimstones, commas and peacocks flying around me. (Carrots up on 30 March)

Both apple tree areas have been mulched with fresh garden compost now. The wood ants were a bit annoyed!

My anemones grown from last year's seed have been opened to the air now. They are progressing well.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Early leek sowing

I sowed a 5 inch pot with a fairly thick spread of King Richard leeks today. Jack's compost used and a good spray on top. The compost was warm after a couple of days in the conservatory and so was the water. The pot is in a plastic crate "greenhouse" to keep it moist. (First seedlings up on Jan 28th)

The onions are well up now. About 3 cells with none, mostly 2 or three, some with more, may need to thin.

VERY hard frosts this last week.