Crop reports 2017

Growing for interest but still hoping for some good results.

Three squashes were planted in a new bed on the lawn. Three were in pots.

Verde d'Italia in bed                5
                      in pot                 2
Rugosa Friulana  2 in pots      3                 very pretty fruits
Tromba in bed
Marina di Chioggia  in bed

BeetrootJun 29 two small bulbs used.(tasty)
Broad beansVery small crop. The Sutton. Germinated well but did not overwinter well.
FoxglovesBrilliant again! Really good behind James Grieve!
Garlic(From shop) Two very small bulbs.
Garlic, elephantGood growth. Four plants. Good results.
HesperisAs good as foxgloves this time. The white is really strong.
HollyhocksBrilliant show!  3 new ones planted. 
Leaf beet
MarigoldsSelf seeded in Apple Garden. Another good display.
NigellaOne self seeded pot did well again, but don't last long. 
Pak choy
PotatoesGrown in remains of haybale. Rough area.
RadishesEarly crop good. Need more.

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